Panic Disorder Symptoms

Panic Attack Signs - How to Identify an Attack Before It Erupts

Panic attack, that form of anxiety that seems to come all of a sudden without warning. You have trouble breathing, feel pain in your chest, and sweat pops out on your body. But possibly the worst symptom of a panic attack is the fear that engulfs you. Fear of something terrible happening. Maybe even fear of having a heart attack.

But there may be panic attack signs that come before the symptoms, and you may not be aware of them.

What To Do If You Have A Severe Panic Attack

It can be scary to suffer from a panic attack. Panic attacks cause many alarming symptoms that can often be mistaken for experiencing a medical emergency or feeling like you are dying. Panic attacks vary in severity, and sometimes can be so severe that it leaves a lasting effect on how you mentally, physically, and emotionally feel.

Can I Have A Panic Attack While Sleeping?

You’ve finally gotten to sleep and may even be having a dream when suddenly you’re awake. Not only awake, but your heart is pounding, you have trouble breathing, you may be sweating, and the thought that something terrible is about to happen fills your mind.

Are you having a heart attack? No. You’re having a panic attack that hits while you’re asleep.

While not a common time, you can have a panic attack while sleeping.

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