Helping Minds is a tech-enabled provider of specialized mental healthcare. It’s a network of specialized therapists, enhanced by an augmented intelligence platform, which increases clinical throughput while reducing costs and optimizing outcomes.

Digital interventions

Our DTx builder allows for creation of digital therapeutics without writing code. Our digital interventions catalogue allows clinicians to build bespoke flows for clients to answer their unique needs.

Therapist network

We utilize hybrid digital therapeutics and clinicians are at the center of our solution. Manage provider network, optimize provider utilization and empower clinicians with state-of-the-art dashboard and tools.

Community & family

We believe in community-driven and family-based models. Community elements include online support groups, psychoeducational webinars and events, peer support and online discussion boards. Family members are part of the therapeutic process and take an active role in treatment.

Coming soon: Companion chatbots

Companion chatbots will complement therapists. They will be available 24/7 to offer low-acuity support and enhance adherence by providing accountability.

Coming soon: Therapist co-pilots

Therapist co-pilots will further enhance therapists' abilities by identifying key therapy topics, improving and composing responses, and providing summarization


Private, Professional

One-on-one support from a personal therapist for individualized care. Each case is unique, and treatment should be, too.

Evidence-based Therapy
That Works

Utilizing proven methods that target the thinking patterns and emotions behind problematic behavior, and generating lasting results.

Tools and Support at Your

Making progress daily with training modules, tools, self-monitoring apps, and unlimited messaging with the therapist.

How it works

Client Journey


Providing free resources and tools to the community, including psychoeducation, apps, webinars and support groups.

Therapist match

Matching each client with a therapist that best fits their needs and preferences.

Bespoke program

Your case is unique, and your treatment should be too. Your therapist will build a bespoke program to fit your specific case.

Maintenance mode

People suffering from chronic disorders can self-maintain their condition, or work with their assigned therapist upon need.

Our Therapist Network

Licensed and Accredited

Our therapists participate in specialized training to ensure the highest standards of care.

Expert Care

Expert clinicians oversee all programs to make sure you have the tools you need to better manage your condition.

Empowering clinicians through technology

Digital therapeutics builder

Create state of the art digital interventions without writing a single line of code.

Provider network management

Manage intake, analyze and optimize provider utilization and performance.

Telehealth - reimagined

Video and asynchronous models. Proprietary telehealth system for focused communication which optimizes provider time utilization.

B2B Integration-ready

Ready to be integrated with your organization; Onboard your team and define your client facing brands and products.

State of the art provider dashboard

Clinician tools include monitoring client’s progress and outcomes, managing time utilization, task prioritization, notes and more.

Privacy and security at the core

Designed with privacy and security at the core; built on a tech stack that supports complex privacy regulations.

By-the-numbers example:
online program for excoriation disorder

Average reduction in symptoms

Symptom severity measured via the online test, taken every session

within 3 weeks
over 80% of clients experience reduction in symptoms
within 3 months
clients experience substantial reduction in symptoms of 46% on average (compared to symptom severity at the beginning of the program)

of clients who finish the main modules of the program would recommend it to others

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