Steps Toward Agoraphobia Help

Agoraphobia is a fear of getting away from your safe place. That fear can become incapacitating when combined with panic. Then the condition becomes a fear of fear. There are steps you can take toward agoraphobia help.

Seek Professional Help

This is probably the best step to take. A combination of medication to give you quick relief from the anxiety and fear you feel and Cognitive Behavior Therapy to bring lasting agoraphobia help.

The medications your physician can prescribe will alleviate the anxiety temporarily. They don’t cure your agoraphobia. These medications are designed to give you relief while you work on the longer-lasting psychotherapy.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is an approach that works to help you change faulty thinking that is the foundation of your agoraphobia. It is a very effective therapy and seeks to find the triggers that set off your fears.

Self-Help Steps Toward Agoraphobia Help

Below are some steps you can try on your own if you choose not to seek therapy. Most of them are directed toward dealing with panic that comes with agoraphobia.

Don’t Fight The Panic.

If you fight your panic feelings, they will only get worse. You will set up a vicious cycle of fighting, getting afraid because you’re fighting the panic, and feeling more anxiety and fear, making the panic attack worse. Instead, simply accept you’re having the attack and reassure yourself with the constant reminder that it will go away.

Don’t Run Home.

If you’re out away from what you consider your safe place and have a panic attack, stay where you are. Keep yourself physically safe, but don’t run to your safe place. Avoiding your fears gives them the upper hand. Again, reassure yourself the attack will pass.


Much of the time during a panic attack, your breathing becomes shallow and rapid. This brings some changes in your body chemistry that make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, learn to breathe slowly and deeply when you’re in the middle of an attack. Count to three slowly with each breath in and out.

Distract Yourself.

When you start feeling the anxiety build, focus on something outside of yourself. Something non-threatening and visible. Watch the second hand on your watch or focus on the items on the grocery store shelves, almost anything will do. Keep reminding yourself the feelings will pass. They always do.

Challenge The Fear.

Try to figure out what is making you anxious. Most of the time, it will be some thought you have about embarrassing yourself, passing out, or “going crazy” while you’re away from your safe place. Challenge those thoughts. Why do you think you’ll do whatever it is you think you’ll do? Demand proof from yourself that what you fear will actually happen.

Visualize Relaxation.

Get in mind a place you’ve been where you’ve been completely relaxed and completely safe. Make that place so real you can put yourself there in your mind. Hear the sounds, smell the smells, feel the wind or warmth. Be there in your mind.


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