Vedrana Mirkovic

clinical psychologist

Vedrana is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. She graduated from University of Novi Sad, Department of Psychology and is trained in Transactional-assimilative approach to psychotherapy and Sociopsychodrama. She is most interested in identity development and identity integration and qualitative research in psychology. She has experience in working with adolescents and their parents, especially concerning themes like sexual orientation and gender identity. In her clinical practice, she is dominantly working with personality disorder and suicidality, as well as with non-suicidal self-harming behaviors. She believes that psychotherapy is based on relationship between client and therapist, and that every challenge and problem client have, is a result of an adaptation to one’s developmental context. Therefore, understanding one’s life story and engaging in understanding and recreating developmental history, is a path to learning new coping strategies and making new, healthier, decisions.