Michaela Chatzimanoli

Clinical Psychologist

Michaela is a Clinical Psychologist, trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy during her Masters at Leiden University, in the Netherlands. She is also a graduate of the TLC foundation Professional Training Institute (BFRB.org). Her work interest and experience is placed on Attachment Disorders, Psychosomatic Complaints and research, while treating addiction, Eating Disorders, Depression and anxiety-stress related complaints. Her keen interest in psychotic episodes and schizophrenia led to a collaboration with the Hearing Voices Network, for the sensitization of mental health professionals, patients and their families. Michaela is also working as a Life Coach, providing seminars on acculturation and life skills to expatriates in The Netherlands, as well as training Psychology students Personality Theories and communication skills in Leiden University. Trichotillomania and skin picking is a recent focus of hers, on consideration of body focused repetitive behaviours throughout years of experience. Michaela is part of our counseling team.