Laura Santner


Laura Santner is a Clinical Social Worker and a Registered Poetry Therapist specializing in the treatment of Anxiety and Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors. She received her training at New York University and the International Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy. Laura Santner is a graduate from the Trichotillomania Learning Center's (TLC) Professional Training Institute and participated in TLC’s Early Clinician Award Program. Ms. Santner has been a practicing clinician since 2006 working in New York with the severely and persistently mentally ill population (including Major Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, and Borderline Personality). She has facilitated workshops and lectures to students, teachers, nurses, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists. She has a published chapbook of poetry called “The Earth and I, Nature Healing Poetry” and is a co-author to a chapter on Group Poetry and Writing Therapy with Adolescents in “Creative Arts-Based Group Therapy with Adolescents Theory and Practice, 1st Edition” Laura Santner is also co-author to a published research study “Linguistic Dimensions of Psychopathology: A Quantitative Analysis” in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology. Laura Santner has published several articles with the TLC Foundation, reviewed articles for, and has been interviewed for Laura Santner is also the seller and creator of the BFRB tool “Sensory Strands.” She currently serves on the board for the National Association for Poetry Therapy and National Coalition of the Creative Art Therapies. She offers psychotherapy, poetry therapy, and supervision in the state of New York.