Ana Perović

Clinical Psychologist

Ana is a Clinical Psychologist and a Psychotherapist. She holds M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology with a background in mentalization and attachment theory. She is trained in in Personal Construct Psychotherapy within Serbian Constructivist Association in Belgrade, Serbia. Her personal interest in mindfulness practices along with a mindfulness training she completed within Association for Mental Health Promotion led to incorporating practices such as meditation and breathing exercises in her therapy work. She is currently in the training of TLC foundation Professional Training Institute ( Ana has extensive experience in both face to face and online psychotherapy and coaching with clients worldwide. Throughout her career so far she has provided support to different vulnerable groups (immigrants, people suffering from psychotic disorders, LGBT population). Her main interests include psychosomatic complaints, BFRB, anxiety related complaints, expatriate psychotherapy, attachment theory and mindfulness. Ana’s core belief is that every symptom emerges from one’s experience and as such it has meaning. Therefore, exploring the symptoms and uncovering their meaning for a person would be the first step in developing better coping strategies.