Natural Supplements That Help Reduce Recurrent Or Chronic Anxiety

When people suffer from anxiety it is often on a recurrent or chronic basis. This means that people with anxiety feel the effects and symptoms of anxiety on a regular basis. Living in a constant state of anxiety can really weigh on a person, and often those with anxiety do not know exactly why they feel anxious, other than the fact that they suffer from an anxiety disorder or live a high-stress lifestyle.


There are many different ways to manage anxiety through meditation, therapy, and experience, but when it comes to that constant state of tension, sometimes not even the coping strategies people learn to cope with anxiety will ease the symptoms. Those who suffer from this type of anxiety often hesitate to try prescription medication to keep the anxious symptoms under control, which is understandable considering their possible side effects and potential for dependency. Fortunately, there are natural supplements that can help reduce anxiety. These natural supplements do not have addictive components, but do help many people ease their nerves and feel more relaxed. Research supports that the following supplements tend to have positive effects in reducing tension, relieving anxiety, and helping the body and mind release tension and pressure:




Chamomile is an herb that is often used for natural medicinal purposes. According to research, chamomile has positive effects on anxiety, as it helps reduce recurrent symptoms of anxiety by relieving muscle tension, calming upset stomachs, and aiding in the reduction of insomnia and related sleep issues. Chamomile has been found to calm the mind and put both mind and body in a relaxed state. The most popular and arguably most effective way to ingest chamomile is to drink chamomile tea. It is also available as an herbal supplement that is administered in pill or capsule form, though this method may not be as effective in reducing anxiety symptoms.




Lavender is also a natural supplement that has been used to treat symptoms of anxiety. Its sedative features serve as a means to ease anxious symptoms and upset emotions. In fact, the aromatic components of lavender are thought to interact with the hippocampus and amygdala, both parts of the brain that are responsible for emotional regulation and memory. Research supports the effectiveness of lavender to reduce symptoms of anxiety, as it decreases the levels of stress hormones in the body.


With regard to stress and anxiety, lavender is most effective when used with aromatherapy, which is the medicinal use of essential oils that are extracted from plants and flowers. One who is interested in using lavender to ease anxiety can find lavender oil at most health food and vitamin stores. The oil may be used in a diffuser or an aromatic candle to release the fragrance into the air. In some cases, lavender oil may also be massaged into the skin, though it is best to have this done by a professional.


Green Tea


Green tea is a popular beverage choice in many cultures. Many people tend to enjoy its calming effects that help unwind and decompress the body while energizing the mind to take on the day. Green tea has many health benefits, including having a calming effect on a person’s level of anxiety and a boosting effect on the immune system. Green tea is known to lift spirits, increase alertness and awareness, improve overall mood, and increase cognitive functions. It is important to note however, that green tea is able to supply all of these effects because it is high on caffeine. While it does not provide that nervous ‘buzzed’ feeling one may experience when drinking coffee, it does have stimulant features. This means that if you are sensitive to caffeine, you may want to limit your consumption of this natural supplement.


If you decide to drink green tea, as a means to reduce anxiety, be sure to do so during the daytime hours. This way, you can be sure it will not affect your ability to fall asleep at bedtime. Also, remember that major corporations have taken advantage of green tea’s popularity, and often use it as a selling point to consumers. When purchasing a green tea or green tea supplement, be sure to read the label to look out for added ingredients, like sugar or artificial flavorings. This will ensure you are consuming a natural green tea, rather than a green tea flavored product.


Consult Your Doctor First


Utilizing natural supplements is typically a safe option when working to manage your symptoms of anxiety, but keep in mind that each supplement may have side effects, and may aggravate pre-existing conditions. Considering this, it is important to consult your primary doctor if you intend to try to cope with your anxiety using natural supplements. Those who suffer from a chronic medical issue, chronic illness, or may be pregnant must take extra care, as many natural supplements may be detrimental to your health and wellbeing.


Furthermore, although each of the supplements outlined above are generally safe to use, keep in mind that industries often take advantage of the word ‘natural’, and may provide the public with supplements that are detrimental to health and wellness. Considering the FDA does not regulate natural supplements, it is easy for major corporations to sell products that may not be safe to ingest. To be sure you take necessary measures to choose the best and safest product for you. Do your homework and be sure to do the following before purchasing and using a natural supplement:


  • Consult your doctor about potential benefits and side effects.
  • Perform a thorough background check on the brand you intend to purchase and consume.
  • Do not consume products that have ingredients other than the natural supplement.
  • Try to stick to organic products to prevent the consumption of inactive or hidden ingredients.
  • Try to stick to using natural supplements in their natural form, rather than a pill or capsule.
  • Be sure to use as advised. Do NOT overuse or use in any other form than intended.