Break Free from Skin Picking

Our personalized online therapy program empowers you to retrain your brain and find freedom from skin picking.

Private, Professional Counseling

Your case is unique. Connect with a personal therapist for individualized support.

Evidence-based Therapy That Works

Develop responsive skills and strategies with proven methods like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness.

Help At Home Or On The Go

Participate on your terms with text/voice/video based communication via our secure therapy platform.

We’ve used our expertise to help thousands of clients from over 40 countries.


Expert Help When You Need It Most

Get the tools and guidance you need wherever and whenever with SkinPick.

Talk to your therapist via a secure messaging system from any device.

Develop techniques to reduce triggers with our training modules.

Use the self-monitoring app to document and recognize patterns in your daily life.

What Clients Say

A happier life starts now.

Take control of your life and find freedom from skin picking through professional therapy and evidence-based behavioral techniques.

Take your life into your own hands.

Arm yourself with powerful tools built to help manage skin picking. Some of these techniques include:

  • Replacement Techniques

    Minimize skin picking by replacing it with other behaviors.

  • Awareness

    Recognize and understand your behaviors.

  • Environmental Triggers

    Identify and reduce environmental triggers.

  • Distance

    Understand that you are not your thoughts and your urges.

  • Goals

    Live your life to the fullest by setting goals around your values.

  • Prevention

    Learn effective relapse prevention strategies to manage skin picking in daily life.