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Anxiety Attack or Heart Attack: How To Tell The Difference

Anxiety is a mental health disorder that can sometimes become so severe that the symptoms mimic the sensations of having a heart attack. Anxiety can come at unexpected times during the day, and with more severe causes a person may experience panic attacks. Anxiety (panic) attacks are scary and can cause a person to think that he or she is having a heart attack. [...]

Meditation Exercises That Help Reduce Anxiety

Everyone has experienced anxiety at some point in his or her life. Any situation that is difficult or complicated will cause anxiety, which makes anxiety a normal part of life.  While some suffer more than others, each person has experienced anxiety at some point, so everyone knows how difficult it can be to have healthy, productive ways to manage the feelings of dread, nervousness, anticipation, and fear that anxiety can cause. [...]

The Three T’s For Reducing Anxiety

Managing anxiety on a regular basis is exhausting. Many things trigger anxiety and it is impossible to be prepared for everything that can potentially make you feel anxious. Some people suffer from generalized anxiety, while others suffer from phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder. [...]

What Causes Agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is a phobia, or intense fear, that a person develops when he or she is afraid of certain places or situations that he or she finds threatening, uncomfortable, or stressful. People with agoraphobia will be afraid to be trapped in or unable to avoid or escape places that may cause them to feel threatened, embarrassed, restrained, or exposed to elements that are uncomfortable or unpleasant. [...]

Agoraphobia Symptoms

Ted (not his real name) spent most of every day sitting in his bedroom worrying about what might happen if he went to the store. He needed food and some other things, but what if he went there and there was a crowd? [...]

How Serious Is Anxiety Twitching?

Anxiety definitely affects your body as well as your mind. One of the common symptoms is anxiety induced muscle twitching. A muscle or a group of muscles seem to take on a mind of their own and begin that annoying twitching.


Brain Fog & Anxiety

We’ve all seen pictures of, or been in, fog lying close around big buildings in a city. It seems to cling to everything and blots out details of things, sometimes hiding them outright.