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Coping With Anxiety Starts with Understanding It

Everybody suffers from anxiety for different reasons and in different ways. Whether it is a phobia or a generalized anxiety-related issue, the anxiety felt will cause stress, and related symptoms like fatigue, irritability, and mood swings. It can be difficult to cope with anxiety, but there are protective measures you can take to understand and manage your own anxiety and how it affects you. [...]

Breath Work Techniques And Exercises To Reduce Anxiety

How Do Breathing Exercises Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety?

It is no question that suffering from anxiety causes a person to feel many different things, like frustration, fear, nervousness, and sometimes even physical pain. Anxiety is a difficult thing to live with and sometimes a person can begin to feel anxious even at times that there is nothing to feel anxious about. [...]

Celebrities Who Suffer From Anxiety

Hollywood has a way of portraying things to be glamorous and the epitome of a perfect lifestyle. Celebrities are portrayed to live at the height of luxury, with little worries or issues to burden them. While this is a romantic image that is portrayed, recent events have revealed that this is not necessarily true. [...]

Coping With The Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety

Anxiety causes many different sensations throughout the body. It manifests in different ways and feels different between affected individuals. Sometimes people are unaware of how anxiety can create uncomfortable sensations through the body, but it is possible for an anxious mental state to create physical symptoms of anxiety. [...]

Why Anxiety Causes Chest Pain (And What You Can Do About It)

There are many physical symptoms that a person can experience when they suffer from anxiety. One symptom that is common in people who suffer from more chronic and severe cases of anxiety is chest pains. Chest pains can create several different types of sensations in the chest, upper back, and sometimes the shoulders, like:


Why Anxiety Causes Dizziness And How To Prevent It

Anxiety is a powerful feeling that causes many different kinds of mental, emotional and physical symptoms. One major way people can feel affected by anxiety is experiencing dizzy spells. Dizzy spells are a commonly experienced symptom of anxiety that is uncomfortable and sometimes alarming. Dizzy spells can feel like a lightheaded feeling, a loss of balance, or a slight pressure in the face and head. [...]

How To Naturally Reduce Anxiety

When a person suffers from anxiety, it is important to have an understanding of how the anxiety is triggered and ways to reduce the feelings to make the symptoms less intense. Anxiety is a feeling all people experience, but in more severe cases it is considered a mental health disorder. Anxiety is uncomfortable and upsetting, and can lead people to become hopeless in learning how to control the symptoms. [...]

How To Stop an Anxiety Attack

Anxiety attacks are a common occurrence for people who suffer from anxiety. Anxiety attacks are stressful, and can come about at any time during the day. When a person is having an anxiety attack he or she will experience several upsetting and uncomfortable symptoms, like: