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Is There A Cure For Agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is a disorder that causes affected people a great deal of anxiety and distress. People who suffer from agoraphobia struggle to be comfortable in different types of environments and situations. In many cases, affected people will actively avoid triggering places, or places that cause them to feel high levels of anxiety, like buses, public places, or enclosed spaces. [...]

Natural Supplements That Help Reduce Recurrent Or Chronic Anxiety

When people suffer from anxiety it is often on a recurrent or chronic basis. This means that people with anxiety feel the effects and symptoms of anxiety on a regular basis. Living in a constant state of anxiety can really weigh on a person, and often those with anxiety do not know exactly why they feel anxious, other than the fact that they suffer from an anxiety disorder or live a high-stress lifestyle.



The Different Types Of Anxiety

Anxiety is a dynamic feeling that can manifest in different forms and at different severities. There are several different types of anxiety disorders a person can suffer from, and each type of anxiety has its own symptoms, causes, and challenges. [...]

Panic Disorder Without Agoraphobia

Anxiety has a severe and prolonged impact on affected people. People can suffer from different types of anxiety, and each type of anxiety causes different types of symptoms. One type of anxiety disorder is panic disorder without agoraphobia. When panic disorder is diagnosed, it will be diagnosed either “with agoraphobia” or “without agoraphobia”. [...]

What To Do If You Have A Severe Panic Attack

It can be scary to suffer from a panic attack. Panic attacks cause many alarming symptoms that can often be mistaken for experiencing a medical emergency or feeling like you are dying. Panic attacks vary in severity, and sometimes can be so severe that it leaves a lasting effect on how you mentally, physically, and emotionally feel. [...]

What To Do If You Wake Up Feeling Anxious

People can feel anxious at any time, and for many different reasons. People often suffer from prolonged anxiety, which can affect many different areas of life. One major way you can be affected by anxiety is in your quality of sleep. People with anxiety often have negatively affected sleeping habits. Some may not be able to fall asleep, others may not be able to stay asleep, and many even may wake up feeling anxious. [...]

What Causes Anxiety and Why People Feel Anxious

There are countless situations, circumstances, and life events that cause a person to feel anxiety. Anxiety is a fueling feeling to have, meaning that it tends to be the driving force behind people’s thoughts, emotions, and behavior. [...]

A Fear Of Leaving The House

Fear is a powerful feeling that causes people a great amount of anxiety and emotional distress. Many people experience phobias, or extreme fears of people, places, things and situations that typically seem as relatively harmless to others. A phobia is a form of anxiety as it causes symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks in reaction to exposure to the feared trigger. One common phobia people suffer from is called agoraphobia. [...]