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Steps Toward Agoraphobia Help

Agoraphobia is a fear of getting away from your safe place. That fear can become incapacitating when combined with panic. Then the condition becomes a fear of fear. There are steps you can take toward agoraphobia help.


What Causes Heart Palpitations Anxiety?

Have you ever been just sitting, watching television or talking with a friend, and suddenly realize your heart is beating fast? Or have you been walking along the sidewalk when a car suddenly swerves in your direction and your heart begins thumping rapidly in your chest?


How To Overcome Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is that anxiety-based disorder that prevents people from getting away from their safe place. A safe place can be their home, their neighborhood, or a room in their home. Any time they get away from it, anxiety increases sometimes to the point of panic attack.


Can I Have A Panic Attack While Sleeping?

You’ve finally gotten to sleep and may even be having a dream when suddenly you’re awake. Not only awake, but your heart is pounding, you have trouble breathing, you may be sweating, and the thought that something terrible is about to happen fills your mind.

Are you having a heart attack? No. You’re having a panic attack that hits while you’re asleep.


Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

One of the best ways to deal with anxiety from any source is through relaxation. There are several relaxation techniques for anxiety that all work well for some people. There are two primary keys that determine how well any relaxation technique works for you. One, it must be a technique you can enjoy. Two, you must practice it frequently.


How Medication Contributes To The Treatment Of Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is a disorder that involves an intense recovery process. Patients with agoraphobia often require treatment to address their symptoms and resulting behaviors. The two most common forms of therapy for agoraphobia are cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy. [...]

Overcoming Anxiety - Three Steps To Prevent Anxiety From Getting The Best Of You

It can be easy to let anxiety get in the way of your ability to handle difficult situations. Whether you suffer from general anxiety or a related mood disorder, or you are just nervous or apprehensive about how to handle a difficult, foreign or unfamiliar situation, anxiety can have a tendency to get the best of your nerves, health, and emotional wellbeing. [...]